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Thank you for visiting the Vallarta Yacht Club Membership Information page. The Club is actively seeking new members and we hope you are interested in joining us.


http://www.vallartayachtclub.org/images/419964_10150603689563673_1873993203_n_resized.jpgThe Vallarta Yacht Club was founded on three principle purposes:

  • To provide an attractive, comfortable, and active private social environment for members.

  • To promote, sponsor, manage, and provide facilities for local, national and international yachting events

  • To sponsor charitable events and activities that benefit the Banderas Bay region and its residents.

Within the context of these three principles, listed below are some of the reasons that other like-minded people have joined the Club:

  • Our fun social functions present excellent opportunities to meet warm and friendly people with similar interests in the only affordable, world class Yacht Club on Mexico's West coast.

  • Our comfortable, air-conditioned clubhouse with a warm friendly staff, in a clean, secure, beautiful setting overlooking the Paradise Village Marina in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, just a few miles from Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay.

  • Our nautical activities are in one of the premier sailing, fishing and cruising areas in the world. We offer world class regattas,(including the J24 Class, the Men’s Laser and Women’s Laser and Masters’ Laser World championships, 2 Optimist North American championships and the Pan-American Games Sailing events in addition to our well-known annual signature Banderas Bay Regatta and the WesMex Small Boat Regatta) frequent Club races, cruises, and fishing tournaments. Plus, educational seminars, Cruisers’ Round Table Forums and monthly Members informational/Q & A meetings on a wide range of topics.

  • Our Community Activities and Benefits, such as our annual Taste of Nuevo Vallarta & Chili Cook-off, Christmas Children’s Toy Drive and community food drives are some of the examples

  • Frequent social activities inside  or on the upper-level deck, around the swimming pool , include cards, dominoes, bingo, BBQ's, movie night, parties and other special events. Check our Club Calendar for our current schedule.

  • Our daily Happy Hours featuring all beer wine and well drinks are 2 for 1.

  • Our excellent, and inexpensive Picante Restaurant with snacks or chef’s menu and bar lounge area. Gold Flag members and Plankowners receive an additional discount.

  • Our clean, comfortable club facilities, offering Internet WiFi, satellite TV, swimming  pool, hot tub, showers & locker room, and over 30 Club power and sailboats at low or no charge to members.

  • http://www.vallartayachtclub.org/images/409641_10151061793648673_656966157_n_resized.jpgA very active and professionally coached Junior Sailing year-round program for kids ages 7 to 23 years

  • Our Ham Radio Group with an active, in the club, station hosting a daily cruisers net. We offer seminars and monthly amateur Ham operator radio exam with sessions from December through April.

  • Our Vallarta Yacht Club logo sportswear shop

  • Our local businesses member discounts at restaurants, medical facilities, charter boats, charter boats, tours, stores and yes; even motorcycles

  • Reciprocal privileges with Reciprocal Yacht Clubs (if your club is not yet listed, please contact our Membership Chairs, Gustavo Ramírez or Dianne Hall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

  • Our newly revitalized website to help you keep up with all the happenings, whether you're here in Banderas Bay or just wishing you were here!

What are the Membership Levels?

http://www.vallartayachtclub.org/images/aw3_resized.jpgThere are seven classes of membership to fit nearly every situation and budget. The membership dues are scaled to age groupings and the modest initiation fee can be paid on a 1 to 2-year installment plan. Because we are a CONADE registered Sports Association, our fees, dues and sailing lessons are exempt from IVA taxation.

What level is best for you depends entirely on your cruising/travel plans and/or your resident lifestyle.

If you are only going to be in Banderas Bay for a short period and not returning every year, then you will find Reciprocal Associate or a two month temporary levels the most cost effective. If you are rarely here but want to maintain an active membership for other reasons, the Associate Membership may better fit your needs. If you reside in the Banderas Bay area or will be here off and on for extended periods of time over a multi-year period, then either the Part-time or Full-time Flag level will be the most cost effective.

If you value having reciprocal privileges with other Yacht Clubs, Flag or Associate would be your starting point.

If you are a full-time resident of Banderas Bay and if pay your dues in advance, you get a full calendar year, you pay for 10 months and get credit for all twelve! Paying your Part-time membership dues in advance for 5 months entitles you to six months active usage. (VYC Membership Fees and Dues Schedule).  

The levels of membership are:

  • http://www.vallartayachtclub.org/images/430756_10151187373248673_164950648_n_resized.jpgReciprocal Associate memberships are offered to members of other internationally recognized yacht clubs (with which VYC has an existing reciprocal agreement) who are here on a short-term basis. Reciprocal Associate membership requires payment of the current monthly dues while using the club facilities for a maximum of 2 months. No initiation or annual fee is required if you are in Banderas Bay for 2 months or less per year. If a Reciprocal Associate member decides to extend their stay, they may pay a membership extended fee and continue paying monthly dues for up to one year.  Any longer than that first year,  they must upgrade to an Associate or.

  • Associate memberships are available for payment of an annual membership fee and monthly dues while members are in the area. Benefits include reciprocal privileges at internationally recognized yacht clubs when an agreement exists and standard burgee rights.

  • Flag memberships are available for an initiation fee and either Part-time or Full-time annual dues. with a 6 month per year minimum. Flag members enjoy full privileges at VYC, reciprocal privileges at international yacht clubs where agreements exist, full voting rights and a special flag burgee.  When a Flag member or Flag member spouse/partner becomes widowed they may combine with another such widowed member for a Widowed Flag membership.

  • Gold Flag memberships are limited in number and require an initiation fee and annual Flag level dues; a 6 month per year minimum. Gold Flag members provide a $1,500.00 USD Donation to the Club (or the Vallarta Sailing Foundation, a USA 501(c)(3) California corporation) in return for 15 percent additional discount. on all food and beverages and other specified privileges. plus reciprocal privileges at international yacht clubs where agreements exist, full voting rights and a special flag burgee.

  • Youth memberships are also available to members of our Junior Sailing Program. See that program for more information.

  • Corporate & Mega Yacht memberships. We have a special program for Corporate and Big Boat memberships. There are two levels of membership, with 5 or less crew/employees and 6 or more. With five crew or less, an annual membership fee plus six month dues, renewable per month after 6 months when present in the Banderas Bay area. With six or more annual membership fee plus a minimum six months dues, renewable monthly after 6 months, when present in the Banderas Bay area. Benefits include reciprocal privileges at internationally recognized yacht clubs when an agreement exists; Standard burgee rights; Limited Membership Privileges, no voting or property rights.

  • Honorary memberships are provided to distinguished representatives of the international yachting community and leaders in local government and business who have consistently further the goals of the Vallarta Yacht Club.

    *Effective January 1, 2018 all Annual Dues Minimum Months and Associate Renewal Fees are are annualized to January 1 of each year..(VYC Membership Fees and Dues Schedule  )  

How Do I Join?


It’s easy to join Vallarta Yacht Club. Simply download the membership application below, complete and e-mail it back to us, or make your Membership Request. If you are not in the area, the best way to pay is electronically from our Pay/Donate page. If you are in the area, stop by the club, say hello, pick up a membership form, order a cerveza, complete and hand it one of our officers or staff.

Additional information about Membership can be obtained by contacting us via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +52 (322) 297-2222.

Membership Application Form:

Preferred: Please use our Online Application form

Or you may: Download and fill in our downloadable membership forms and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or bring to the club.



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