Sun, Mar 01, 2015

We had “Shake it Out” ... now ... Shake it Down!

The Vallarta Yacht Club is planning a party and a Fun Race/Tour of Tenacatia Bay at the end of February.

The La Manzanilla Regatta 2011 was reminiscent of our own Banderas Bay Regatta before we got all serious about it. We had so much fun last year, we decided to do it again in 2012.

The “Race” is February 25th off La Manzanilla in the southeast corner of Tenacatita Bay. The course starts off the La Manzanilla waterfront goes to the rock at the entrance to Tamarindo Bay, over to Tenacatita and back to La Manzanilla. The breeze is good, the water warm and the people friendly.

After a day of sailing there is a party/fund-rasier for the local school. They are building a new classroom and a community computer center.

Tenacatita is only about 105 miles down the coast from Cabo Corrientes. This is a great opportunity to do a “Shake Down” for our PPJ boats, a mini-passage for those that want to test their boats and crews before committing to the big jump. Another option is to take it in smaller chunks. From Yelapa to Chamela Bay is only 75 miles, then 30 to Tenacatita. Rear Commodore Randy Hough's "Yemaya" will act as mother ship during the event.

In general the water around Cabo Corrientes is more comfortable in the morning, many cruisers elect to start from Punta de Mita in the wee hours and get south of Corrientes before dawn so they make Chamela before nightfall. Rest , raft up and party in Chamela then it is a short 30mile hop to Tenacatita.

Reference Distances:
Punta de Mita to Corrientes 24
LaCruz or Nuevo to Corrientes 28
La Cruz to Yelapa 14
Yelapa to Chamela 75
PdM/La Cruz/Nuevo to Chamela 87-91
Chamela to LaManzanilla 30
PdM/La Cruz/Nuevo to LaManzanilla approx 120

With a bit of float planning you can leave after the PPJ seminar on Wednesday, February 22, and make the party on Saturday. Consider it a challenge!

The trip back can be more challenging. Cabo Corrientes has a reputation to live up to. Timing a near dawn rounding is the way we've been doing it for years. If there is big weather brewing and you don't want to make the hike from Chamela into Banderas Bay in one leg, there is a little fish camp just south 15 miles south of Corrientes that can provide a bail out point and has room for a few boats to anchor.

VYC members will want to be back for the AGM meeting Wednesday February 29th. 

Are you in? Contact the VYC Sailing committee by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and let us know. Or just fill in the form and we'll contact you!





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